Workshop Day

This day provided me with ideas to how I would progress when I start university.. working in the two different workshops Fine Art and Fine Art Photography I leant how people feel to how close you can go with a Camera to their face, until they feel no longer comfortable.. more then half of the class wasn’t comfortable to a certain point.

Fine Art – Life Drawing

Due to rotating and experiment with different areas of media, life drawing was one i was most formiliar with and have done before.. i wouldn’t say much of it but the experience i have with it i have really enjoyed!! I have had ups and downs when it comes to measured life drawings, but it is something i would like to improve on in time. Free hand life drawing i find really easy once you’ve got the hang of it, just start off by making a few points where the head is to the bottom of the body making sure it all fits on the page I’m working on, then begin.

This is some of my work i have produced in a life drawing lesson. I would like to proceed in creating more drawings..

Artists- Artists I have looked at to see how other people feel and come about doing life drawings, from the realistic to the simple outlined blur of a figure all still look like great pieces of work.. for instants from the realistic drawing I have looked at Sabin Howard who manipulates the human body going to depth with detail and uses the light source really well giving it a better view to look at. The quick sketched life drawings are just as good and I’ve looked at Ian Hopton with this were he uses very vague lines and a bit of colour to make his pieces.


Trip to Manchester Art gallery


On the 6th of October me and my partner took a trip to Manchester art gallery, i enjoyed looking at all the different kinds of work displayed there. They ranged in ages and styles. I had different opinions about majority of the artwork I viewed there, the things that caught my eye the most was the more modern type of work even the photography was pretty impressive when you could see the context and expressive behaviour. I wasn’t set out to be taking these photographs but once I had taken 1-2 I then realised I loved them and instantly though I could link these with my work and the balance, light, angles, colour and back set in the photo’s really worked well to show the whereabouts the photograph had taken place Manchester Art Gallery. I will be using these photos again at some point in my study.. which I’m hoping it to then open up new pathways and ideas.

img_2488 k img_2494img_2499img_2498img_2495img_2492



Lino Printing.

Lino printing is a form of fine art printmaking, where the printing plate is cut into line. The lino is then inked, a piece of paper is placed over it and run through the printing press or pressure can be applied to transfer ink onto the paper.

Inspiring artist: Steve Duffy. From looking at steve’s linocut work i have found interest in the use of lines he makes to create his pieces of work, some there’s hardly any but still forms a great peice of work with so little mark making on the lino.

The idea behind my lino print making was to make the end of the tunnel in my image i was working from to stand out more, but from me cutting into the lino the wrong way not noticing the outcome from when i added the ink to the lino, the end of the tunnel will come out black not clear.. but i still liked the finishing results and now i know next time i come to creating another lino print i can persue better outcome. I could use this in further studying when new ideas are made.

My chosen image:



Applying ink:


Final outcome:

Film Making

On the there was a day the whole foundation course collaborated on one piece of work, this was making our own little clip of a film. The task was to create something of our own choose within the amount of time we was given on the film tape. The tape was guided by little dots which we was provided with the information 24 dots across the tape only gave us the amount of time of a second of the film, so I roughly remember having a second and nearly 3 quarters of a second to draw what I wanted. I draw the first thing that came to my head that being fruit, we had to draw these with permanent markers called sharpies which also came in different colours.


We then went to the screening room to watch what we had made and see our piece of the film



3D wire sculpture

Inspiring Artist: Ralf Westeros. I came across looking at his work because his figure sculptures relates to the work I have produces with getting used to working with wire.. I find massive interest when it comes to a portraiture ideas and this was a chance to show how experimenting with wire was really fun and easier then I expect it to be, welding it together.

There’s a certain view point where you have to stand to get the right prospective of this sculpture, side on you wouldn’t see anything but a load of wires on the wall but when the viewer walks past it, it will come together. This isn’t of anyone in particular  just created it as I when along adding bit by bit. I could and did want to improve on this by adding more wire to the face especially underneath the eyes to creative an abnormal look and distorted facial features.

This is the process, photo’s I had taken when I was making the face up as I went along and mid way through I began to notice it formed a more woman look alike forming the facial features and structure of a woman. The next step was to weld all the pieces together which didn’t take much time at all. Once then I was happy with how it came together, thinking what else more I can add to it, just to make it that more interesting to experiment with so I then decided I can try making it more 3D by pushing back and fourth the features giving it a tilted look (on an angle). I then mounted it to the wall making a little structure out of wire.