Trip to Manchester Art gallery


On the 6th of October me and my partner took a trip to Manchester art gallery, i enjoyed looking at all the different kinds of work displayed there. They ranged in ages and styles. I had different opinions about majority of the artwork I viewed there, the things that caught my eye the most was the more modern type of work even the photography was pretty impressive when you could see the context and expressive behaviour. I wasn’t set out to be taking these photographs but once I had taken 1-2 I then realised I loved them and instantly though I could link these with my work and the balance, light, angles, colour and back set in the photo’s really worked well to show the whereabouts the photograph had taken place Manchester Art Gallery. I will be using these photos again at some point in my study.. which I’m hoping it to then open up new pathways and ideas.

img_2488 k img_2494img_2499img_2498img_2495img_2492