Experimenting with illustration design ideas



Complete new idea to expand my creativity. On this piece of work I have gone out of my usual ways of what I create.. as you can see I have drawn a deer’s head on what you can say is a mans body. This work also relates to Pat Perry’s style of work.

I was happy the way this piece started coming together, adding more colours and bigger brush strokes, to structure the shape of the deer’s head more, adding grays and yellows to represent the animals hair and features.

Further on, I continued to paint into the body of my painting and i didn’t like the idea or the way it looked so i started painting the body the same color as the head and it had improved, working more and more in to it! it started losing the way i could have liked it to be, it felt like i was repeating myself over and over. I left it the way it was and found i could talk about how i can improve if i did something similar in the future.

img_7342  img_7351



This is the point I didn’t like it and wanted to try something different.



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