Portraiture Paintings


This was the first piece of work I did for the new project units 5 and 6, with this painting it was my aim to get back into the practice and methods of using a brush after having a period of time not working with acrylic paints. I found it difficult at first getting the colours that are in comparison with the photo I was working from, and would improve the pixel of my image next time I decide to do a painting. I was pleased with the basic outlines to how comparable I had drawn up the person in my image. img_7448







Colour: What I can say about the vibrant colours I have performed on this piece fit well proportioned.. the substantial amount of pinks and purples used toning the areas where the light source shines upon the face and t-shirt features.

NOT fully finished although it will be in time.. not to work into it too much I can announce this piece to a finished standard of liking.


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