Research on: Pat Perry

In a modern art era where so much is done digitally. His illustrations feels perfectly proportioned, almost as if in motion. Less reliance on symmetry and more focus on flow. There’s an energy about the continuity and vibrancy of his images, whether the color scheme is brilliant or tempered, and his ability to satisfy a breadth of clients while still solidifying his fine art itch is admirable.

I have looked into Perry’s work with great attention, i am not an illustrator but i have found his drawings in some sort of amusement in wanting to procreate my own work in his style. His work brought a brand new idea to mind, this idea was to take my own photographs of an urban, what most people call derelict, scenery that has in particular objects and emotion when you pursue around the settings. Seeing what natural causes can do when something has been left for so long, what amazing things can occur.

It also links some kind of form with portraiture and the design being the head which interested me the most.

Image result for pat perryImage result for pat perry



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