Fine Art – Life Drawing

Due to rotating and experiment with different areas of media, life drawing was one i was most formiliar with and have done before.. i wouldn’t say much of it but the experience i have with it i have really enjoyed!! I have had ups and downs when it comes to measured life drawings, but it is something i would like to improve on in time. Free hand life drawing i find really easy once you’ve got the hang of it, just start off by making a few points where the head is to the bottom of the body making sure it all fits on the page I’m working on, then begin.

This is some of my work i have produced in a life drawing lesson. I would like to proceed in creating more drawings..

Artists- Artists I have looked at to see how other people feel and come about doing life drawings, from the realistic to the simple outlined blur of a figure all still look like great pieces of work.. for instants from the realistic drawing I have looked at Sabin Howard who manipulates the human body going to depth with detail and uses the light source really well giving it a better view to look at. The quick sketched life drawings are just as good and I’ve looked at Ian Hopton with this were he uses very vague lines and a bit of colour to make his pieces.



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