Composition is making sure that you have an awareness of the art elements, such as line, shape and the balance within the image. Composition is important within photography just as it is within any other medium. I have used composition more times than i have in previous years of studying art and have enjoyed doing so. The rules i have looked into and tried to capture are; Spiral section and Golden spiral.
Inspired artist- Swapnil Jedhe. The reason i have choose this artist to link with my work is because he uses composition that links with how i used it in my photography based work.
This is focusing on the bottle in the images i have taken. The idea was to capture the bottle in mid air when i had thrown it, the areas i used i think worked really well when i was not throwing the bottle from the balance where the bottle sits its easy to forces what the object is. There is also another method i used to manipulate the topic of composition was to draw quick sketches either using a big object like a building or one such as a can of soup to add context to the piece I’m creating. I would like to express this more in further studies whilst drawing.. There’s still plenty more to learn and I would like to know and have the knowledge of understand composition more.



These are some quick drawings I have attempted using the element of composition:





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