3D wire sculpture

Inspiring Artist: Ralf Westeros. I came across looking at his work because his figure sculptures relates to the work I have produces with getting used to working with wire.. I find massive interest when it comes to a portraiture ideas and this was a chance to show how experimenting with wire was really fun and easier then I expect it to be, welding it together.

There’s a certain view point where you have to stand to get the right prospective of this sculpture, side on you wouldn’t see anything but a load of wires on the wall but when the viewer walks past it, it will come together. This isn’t of anyone in particular  just created it as I when along adding bit by bit. I could and did want to improve on this by adding more wire to the face especially underneath the eyes to creative an abnormal look and distorted facial features.

This is the process, photo’s I had taken when I was making the face up as I went along and mid way through I began to notice it formed a more woman look alike forming the facial features and structure of a woman. The next step was to weld all the pieces together which didn’t take much time at all. Once then I was happy with how it came together, thinking what else more I can add to it, just to make it that more interesting to experiment with so I then decided I can try making it more 3D by pushing back and fourth the features giving it a tilted look (on an angle). I then mounted it to the wall making a little structure out of wire.



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